Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Jade Ewen 'wasn't keen on sexy makeover'

Jade Ewen 'wasn't keen on sexy makeover'
Monday, March 15 2010, 08:54 GMT

By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter

Jade Ewen has said that she was not happy about being given a "saucy" makeover when she first joined the Sugababes.

The singer replaced sole remaining founding member Keisha Buchanan in the group last September.

Ewen told Metro of her new look: "I wasn't overly keen to begin with but I'm used to it now.

"I needed to get away from that Eurovision look, which wasn't me anyway, but you can't sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber ballad in a miniskirt.

"I've always been really skinny and no one's ever said I'm sexy, so to be told, 'We're going to make you sexy and get your legs out', was an adjustment."

She added: "I was very nervous about the outfit I wore at the cervical cancer charity show. It looked fine from the front because it had a lot of detail - but I didn't realise how revealing it was until I saw the pictures in the papers."

Ewen has previously said that she is "much more comfortable with [Sugababes'] kind of music" compared to her Eurovision track.

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