Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sugababes on SkyNews Video

Sugababes Release New Line Of Perfume

9:39am UK, Tuesday September 21, 2010
Rob Cole, Sky News Online

Some might say they smell sweet enough already, but the Sugababes have released a new line of perfume.

Following on from the likes of the Beckhams and model Katie Price, aka Jordan, the girl group told Sky News they had released three fragrances.
But they said the scents - Tempt, Tease and Touch - were not a reflection of the three girls' personalities.
"There are three different scents, they are not specific to each of us but we thought as women you like to wear perfume for different occasions and for different times of the day, so we covered all areas," said Heidi.
Mel said: "We were really hands on with the development of these three scents."
The Sugababes have bagged six UK number one singles, 18 UK top-ten hits and undergone several line-up changes since forming in 1998.
The band told Sky News they would be recording and touring their eighth studio album next year.
Discussing competition in the music industry, Heidi said: "It is tough but we have been very lucky as a band to be still going, it comes down to good music.
"If you do the music people love they will buy it."

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