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Babes will split if another quits


Published: 12 Mar 2010

THEY are as famous for their line-up changes as they are for their music.
But now the SUGABABES have confirmed they will SPLIT if another girl leaves.

HEIDI revealed the band would no longer exist if she, JADE or AMELLE bit the dust.

She said: "We've said if something happened again we wouldn't carry on the band with someone else.

"This is it. It's taken time to adjust, but we're really happy now."

Heidi added: "It was another chapter in my life and now we've moved on."

A weight on her shoulders ... Amelle
Newbie Jade revealed to Company magazine that joining the band has not been an easy ride, saying loyal fans were unwilling to embrace her.

"People shouted abuse at me in the street. I remember thinking, 'Maybe I've made a mistake,'" she explained.

The former Eurovision star also insisted she is not dating ASTON from JLS - because"he looks like my little brother".

Jade added: "If I had a choice, I'd go out with someone normal - like a plumber."

AMELLE also confirmed the trio are grateful to be a threesome and rid of ex-bandmate KEISHA.

She said: "We tried bloody hard (with Keisha) for over a year, but it got worse.

Three's Company ... Sugababes
"When you're treated a certain way for so long, no matter what the hell you do, there comes a point where you can't take anymore."

The frank star also spoke about Heidi's weight issues, saying she is "always on a diet".

Amelle said: "Heidi works out all the time - she almost has to, bless her heart.

"I'd never understood that before. When I ballooned, I was like, 'Heidi mate, I'm so sorry about complaining about how skinny I was.'

"But everyone has lumps and bumps. I've got cellulite, who cares?"

Company magazine hits shelves tomorrow.

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