Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sugababes - Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans

Sugababes - Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans

Sugababes Change Track For Young Fans
British girl band SUGABABES have changed the lyrics of a new song in a bid to discourage youngsters in the U.K. from binge drinking.

The trio's track She's A Mess, from their upcoming album Sweet 7, was originally titled I'm A Mess, but the group decided to change the words over fears it would encourage excessive alcohol consumption among influential teenagers.

Heidi Range tells Britain's Daily Star, "The original line was 'I’m such a mess' but we were worried we were encouraging binge drinking so we decided to change it. There are some lyrics that are quite cheeky but people shouldn’t take them seriously."

The band's new album hits stores in the U.K. later this month (Mar10) after a controversial line-up change last year (09) - which saw founding member Keisha Buchanan axed from the group - pushed back the release by over six months.

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