Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Sugababes rocked it!

The Sugababes rocked it!
Posted by Catherine Bennion-Pedley, features team on 04/03/2010

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Oh our heads this morning... we had another late one! That's because we partied our stilettos off with the Sugababes for their Sweet 7 album launch party last night. Company's editor Victoria and I headed down to the Supper Club in London's very fashionable Notting Hill to be greeted with champagne and apple martini cocktails and a crazy man with a badge-making machine! Genius! (In case you're curious, Victoria opted for a picture badge of little Simon from Corrie while I showed my support with a ‘Babes badge).

Next we were treated to a lovely dinner sitting on a giant bed (yes the club is decked out with big white beds that have little mini tables in the middle), while magician Dynamo (who recently performed at Jay-Z's Brits After-Party no less) did some out-of-this-world card tricks. He was incredible.

Anyway here's what the Sugababes served us for tea...

•Spicy Indian Split Pea Soup with Parsley Foam And A Curry Brikwat

•Chicken Teriyaki Ying and Tang Crushed Potato Steamed Curly Kale

•White Chocolate Dome, Rhubarb Compote, Dark Chocolate Tuile

But of course the best part of the night was when Amelle, Jade and Heidi stormed the stage, entering to one of our all-time faves, Freak, and performed ten of our favourite Babes songs. They properly rocked out, here's the set list


•Hole In The Head

•Wear My Kiss

•Too Lost In You

•Crash and Burn (from the new album Sweet 7)


•About A Girl

•Push The Button

•Get Sexy

•About You Now

Naturally we sang along to every song, and the new line-up sounded incredible together. Jade apparently had got a little emotional before the gig, because it's her first album, and all three thanked the crowd for their support. It really means everything to them.

It was particularly lovely to see the girls again after our cover shoot last month and they're very excited about seeing themselves on Company's cover (their first mag cover as the new trio). Check out the April issue of Company, out next week! They look AMAZING! And share all their gossip...

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