Saturday, 7 July 2012

Jade's recent Tweet about tumblr + New photo

hey tweeps! so I know i mentioned it the other day, but come check out tumblr its amazing! feel like on here I cant express myself as honestly as I would like to. If you would like more regular insight into my world and my mind take a look at my profile here:  its more than tweets.. its my fav pics,quotes, some of my artwork.. just me. in my truest form! speak soon xJx

About:  Jade's Blog

"My blog is like my own personal treasure..
I come here to share a part of my world, the special part in my mind where I am truly happy :) I hope it brings you the same joy.."

Well I started to Follow Jade the other day and asked her the reason she favoured tumblr over Twitter and she answered as below: - JEF

jadeewenfan asked: Great Tumblr , you must enjoy collecting images as much as I do :-) How come you have favoured tumblr over Twitter? xxx
hey there!
I guess because it promotes creativity and good vibes.
I truly feel inspired whenever I come on here. Its helps me nurture my creativity and put it to good use rather than get caught up in the sometimes gossip-y/negative nature of sites like twitter/facebook.
I guess they all serve their purpose. I havent left twitter completely I just see that more like a work/promotional tool.
but if anyone wants to get insight into how my mind actually works and get to know me as a person then this is definitely the place to come. feel free to spread the word :)
hope that answered your question 
J x

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