Monday, 9 July 2012

Heidi, Hayley and Karen Range on holiday in Mexico

Some wonderful photos of Heidi, Hayley and Karen Range on holiday in Mexico. Maybe another title for this collection of photos could be "Day of the Iguana"

Hayley and Heidi


My idea of dessert. Vodka, kahlua, baileys and ice!!! X

  Sounds good, shall I bring this home with me then!!! X

Mayan ceremony x

Ahhh, frozen marg anyone? Sorry, don't mean to be smug but this is bliss! X

Karen on the 4th July

Karen Range : Attacked by iguanas!

Karen Range : Lovely view x

Iguana sunbathing on the lounger!

Iguana standoff off !

Look who's trying to join us for lunch! X 

‎9 am start of another day!

(Heidi with )The man who has kept us in champs for ten days!


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