Thursday, 16 December 2010

JadeEwenFan at The Jade Ewen PA for Miss Ultimo at Debenhams (Part 3)

In part two we left Jade sitting on the edge of the chaise lounge ! So to continue with my day at Jade's PA for Miss Ultimo in Debenhams this is what happened ...

Yes Michelle Mone OBE joined Jade on the stage (Michelle Mone OBE, 39, is the co-owner of MJM International and creator of Ultimo, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand. Listed as one of the top three female entrepreneurs in the UK and recently voted as the number one woman in business by Glamour Magazine)

 Michelle has been very thoughtful and has been letting me know about the Miss Ultimo Launch details etc , so I thought I would give her a little gift when I saw her , a HMV plastic bag I am sure is not her usual Handbag of choice :-)

After the photos were taken by the Press it was time for Jade to start her Meet and Greet session , a table was brought out and then the fans queued up to say hi , wish her well and get a signed "Miss Ultimo" card

By this time my hands were shaking (as you can see in the photo above) . It was not just nerves about meeting Jade but also the excitement of seeing her "in real life" rather than on my computer or TV Screen.
Anyway my turn came ! Luckily Jade recognised me from The Sugababes Sweet 7 Launch Party at The Supperclub (I just managed to shout in her ear that night who I was !)

So after a peck on the cheek ;-) and giving her a little Xmas gift Jade got down to signing the Miss Ultimo cards for me. I cheekily asked if she could sign some other prints I had with me and she said yes ! One was from her My Man photoshoot of August 2009, that made her smile when I brought that one out !
Then as Jade was occupied signing everything i started to video her and then asked about doing some shoutouts as you have seen earlier edited versions in my blog ( I will put the unedited video up later on and then you can hear me asking and then feeding her the names !) 
Jade was so helpful and sweet about the whole thing, oh then the photo of Jade and I you have already seen , but if you insist i will add it here again ! 
When I went to chat to Jade there was no one behind me in the queue , by the time I left the queue line had filled up again . After finding Michelle Mone chatting with her employees to say hi , I went back to see if Jade was still there , and yes she was still signing , so I videoed her doing this , this also will be put up in a later blog. Whilst videoing I thought of a great idea to get some signed copies to give away as a Christmas contest . 

This is the Jade Ewen Miss Ultimo card
Details of the competition will be again in another blog and on Twitter !

My thanks again to Jade Ewen and Michelle Mone for making my Christmas this year start off so well!

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