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We’re still proud of 7, our last album, but it was overshadowed by dramas
27th September 2011

By Kim Dawson with James Cabooter - Edited by The Sugababes

AFTER time away from the limelight we’re back with a new single called Freedom.

This is the introduction we wish we had made when Jade first joined the band.

It takes time to get to know each other and our voices are blending more now.

We think that Freedom sums up how we are feeling and the direction the album takes. It’s very up-tempo and positive.

On the video shoot, Jade was nervous about having to do a sexy scene, so Heidi suggested she had a wee tipple to help her loosen up.

She doesn’t drink very often, so she ended up a little squiffy on set.

What’s important to us more than ever are our vocals.

The new album, which will be out next year, is edgier, with lots of big choruses, and we’ve worked hard on the lyrics.

If you listen to the up-tempo ones, the words actually make sense – we don’t just have throwaway lines.

It feels like our personalities are actually part of this album. Some of the content is true, some of it’s about our friends and families and some of it is fantasy – because in music you can be whoever you want to be.

We’re still proud of 7, our last album, but it was overshadowed by dramas that were going on at the time, like the line-up change.

All its singles went Top 10, as did the album, so it was still a success, really.

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