Friday, 16 September 2011

Fantastic Night Sugababes at Mamma Mia - Pop Goes the Musical

In the dressing room having hair and make up done.. So excited to be performing tonight for children in need! :)

Whilst Jade, Amelle and Heidi were having their hair and make up done and getting squeezed into their costumes, I was enjoying a Wonderful performance of Mamma Mia.
 Also enjoying the show was Jade's Mum and Dad (Trevor and Carole) and I think Heidi's Sister Hayley was there also.
       During the interval in the bar we got mugged by a big yellow Bear with a patch over his eye! No not really Pudsey and his lovely assistants were collecting for Children in Need. They were being videod as were The Sugababes performance and they were doing reaction videos out front of Box Office. One group of girls I am sure will make the edit as they were Mamma Mia'ed up to the eyeballs in hats feathers and glitter, they had a great night ! 

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Closing of Mamma Mia by the Sugababes

After the Brilliant performance of the Sugababes singing Dancing Queen I videod the thank you by Jade with Amelle , Heidi and Pudsey

Had so much fun performing in Mamma Mia tonight for Children In Need, the whole company and crew where so lovely to us x

After the show we waited outside to see if The Sugababes were coming out to see there fans , but after a while we thought that there were probably staying inside with friends and family ~JadeEwenFan

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