Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Brits beauties

The Brits beauties by Amanda Bown Backstage VIP passes at The Sanctuary Spa for The Brits 2010 were issued far and wide, from Fearne Cotton to Robbie Williams including (our favourite) JLS fitty Marvin Humes. Find out who treated themselves to what and how you can re-enact the star treatment at home

Celebs got A-Lister glow with The Sanctuary Radiance Boosting Facial Oil (£13.68 for 30ml) which contains essential oils frankincense; organic rose to re-balance and calm their skin, vitamin E oil (packed with anti-oxidants) organic rosehip seed oil; and jojoba promote skin radiance, smoothness and luminosity.

Sally Biles, Senior Spa Trainer at The Sanctuary says 'our facials improve overall radiance of the skin, stimulate blood circulation which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and also stimulates lymph flow, which removes any toxins and 'puffiness' leaving skin radiant and glowing.'

Celeb Spot: JLS cutie Marvin Humes enjoying a soothing facial.

Facial know-how:
'Our therapists sweep their palms one after-the-other across décolleté and necks, to lift and smooth out any lines. Jaw lines are held between thumb and forefingers of one hand, while the other sweeps across jaw line, up to the ears, this helps to drain away any lymph fluid and tones-up jaw line.

'The therapist sweeps her palms in synchronisation across cheeks, from side of the nose out towards their ears. To smooth away any fine lines around lips, the index and middle fingers are used flat one-at-a-time, with index finger above the top lip and middle finger below bottom lip, they are swept from left to right side of the mouth, up over cheek areas, lifting and flicking cheek muscles, this really helps lift jowls.

'Light tapping and raindrop style movements of fingertips are employed on areas of the bone around delicate eye area. This helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, (and is an excellent de-puffer for the eyes!). The ring finger is used to lightly circle eye area. A little pressure is applied to pressure points along the orbital bone below and above eye, using the middle finger. Slightly more pressure is applied when therapists reach the brow lines.

'Therapists then slide ring fingers outwards along brows and brow bone, from inner corner to outer corner towards temples. This movement is repeated under eye on the bone area. Again, excellent for draining lymph away and reduces any puffiness. The index and middle fingers were used on the centre of forehead down to temples for drainage. Treatments are completed by the whole of the hands used alternately to sweep over forehead from brows, to the hairline. This relaxes and smoothes-out any wrinkles present.'

Foot massage:
Biles says 'we started foot massages by warming-up The Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm (£6.99 for 11g) in palms and smoothing over foot. Both thumbs were used to circle skin in centre of the sole, heels to toes. Finger tips of both hands were used to circle around either side of ankle bones on the feet.

'We work on the basis of 'seeing' five lines coming down from each of the toes to the heel, and then we used the thumb to press along each of these lines, and using a criss-cross thumb approach on soles of feet. (Sounds like heaven!).

Finally, palms were circled over the top and on soles of feet to finish the treatment.'

Celeb Spot: Peter Andre who loved his foot massage so much he sent his PA to have one too! (What a nice boss eh?) Kasabian's backing singer, Leena.

Relax those back and neck muscles:
'We used The Sanctuary Spa Essentials Massage/Body Oil (£6.99 for 150ml). Once warmed-up in palms, the lower back was swept, and then up over either sides of the spine, over shoulders and down the side of back, towards lower back again, this was done three times. 'Thumbs were used in small circular movements on either side of spine, from bottom up to neck. The neck was scooped-up; the muscles between thumb/fingers were squeezed.

'Therapists used forefinger, middle and ring fingers from right hand, placed the same fingers from left, and added pressure in circles around shoulder bone, this relieves any tension held. To finish, one palm after the other was swept very lightly over spine.' (Jealous yet? Us too!).

Celeb Spot: Robbie Williams' backing singers, Lucinda and Sarah, the harpists playing with Dizzy Rascal and Florence, (well, you would wouldn't you-they look very heavy!).

Goody bag grabs:
Never one to miss a goody bag at celeb events, these contained The Sanctuary Radiance Boosting Facial Oil, Salt Scrub, and Body Butter.

Celebs who grabbed: Fearne Cotton, Dizzee Rascal, Marvin Humes, Lily Allen, The Sugababes, Girl's Aloud's Kimberley and Nicola, Lady Gaga's P.A was instructed to grab one! Nicola Appleton and Melanie Blatt, Jonathan Wilkes nabbed one for his girlfriend, Kasabian's lead singer Tom Meighan, Bat for Lashes Natasha Khan, and she also requested The Sanctuary Classic ETD (£14.99 for 50ml) as she loves it so much!

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