Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sugababes Shooting the video for Freedom today 10.30pm Update

Stunning new photo of Jade and Heidi before they go for still photography after wrapping up the video shoot today. Loving the hair , makeup and designer clothing (Heidi's Metal Studs are FAB )

Video DONE!!! Amazing day.. Not finished yet tho.. Time for a few photos before we go.. Really looking forward to my bed! :)

Jade Louise EwenJadeEwen
Me and Heidi freedom video shoot!

Other Contributers to making the video include the following, as JerryUntz AKA Jerry Reeve Tweets :-

Jerry ReeveJerryUntz
@DavidRatcliffe_ @ShanBelcastro @TheioMaddix @RandallWatson @meemeehana @SugababesHQ. Thank you all!!!x

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