Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sugababes Shooting the video for Freedom today

The Sugababes are at a mystery location/studio today shooting the video to Freedom , the first single which is due for release on 5th September from  their Eighth Album.

Lets have some speculation as to what the content of the video will be like. I didnt hear back from SugababesHQ after volunteering my services to assist in recording the behind the scenes video :-) (Not a surprise really as I only thought of it the day before the shoot). Although I do hope someone has got a video recording behind the scenes .

So apart from Amelle, Heidi and Jade who else is going to be there?

To start with we don't know the name of the Director ,
 But the Director to About A Girl and  Wear My Kiss was Martin Weisz at Weird Pictures

babes pic

We do know that the Stylist will be Karl Willett who has been working with The Sugababes the last few months. He will assisted by/working with Adele Red and Wendy Benstead who is an experienced Costumer and Dressmaker who specialises in period and theatrical costume, with an emphasis on corsetry. This all sounds like it will be a real bodice ripping video , or is my imagination going wild ?
If I have any any more information , you will see it here , have a great Sugababes Freedom day ~ JadeEwenFan

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