Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Play it on Repeat Sugababes - “Freedom” Live Premiere

Sugababes - “Freedom” Live Premiere
Monday, July 11, 2011 by Vic Cardinali

I am slightly obsessed with British girl groups. Sugababes especially. Despite that they have a bit of “Destiny’s Child” syndrome as we may call it stateside in that their line-up changes faster than the judges line-up on US X-Factor — case in point? It took me 10 minutes of searching to find a picture of the current line-up — that’s a long time in Google world.
I digress.
Not too long ago a preview of their single was featured in some Nokia commercial across the pond. It left much to be desired. Let me tell you, though, it was prime marketing because all I kept thinking about was how good was the actual song?
Well — wait no longer — sort of.
The girls decided to premiere their song through a live performance at T4 On The Beach. (I’m relying on some UK Readers to explain this to me — much as I’m still waiting for them to explain Nicola Robert’s use of the word “comedown”)
Take a gander below:

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