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Celebrity Celebrity MasterChef contestants Katy Brand, Heidi Range and Jo Wood tell the Daily Mirror

Celebrity MasterChef contestant Katy Brand admits to being 'frightened' by finger-dipping judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode

The stars are donning their aprons, ready to do battle. Katy Brand, Heidi Range and Jo Wood tell us about their experiences in the heat of the kitchen

Celebrity Masterchef contestants Katy Brand, Heidi Range, Jo Wood and Janet Street Porter
Celebrity Masterchef contestants Katy Brand, Heidi Range, Jo Wood and Janet Street Porter


Aprons at the ready and sharpen those knives! For a new batch of 16 celebrities are about to get their hands dirty in the kitchen as we welcome back Celebrity MasterChef.
Kicking off the new series are Jo Wood, the ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie, Sugababe Heidi Range, Loose Woman Janet Street-Porter and comedian Katy Brand.
The first surprise that judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode have in store is a mystery box challenge – the main ingredient being a large spider crab.
Here, Jo, Heidi and Katy tell us how they got on while filming the show...

Was it a scary experience?

Heidi: I really enjoyed it but it was terrifying. ?I didn’t expect to be so nervous. When The Sugababes were on tour, the thing I used to enjoy on my day off was finding a recipe. I’d pour a glass of wine, put on some music and cook. That’s my way of relaxing, but this was totally different.
Jo: It was great, although I didn’t know what to do when I saw the spider crab sitting there. I was expecting a fillet of fish! My son Tyrone always said I should be on the show, so I thought, “I’ve got to do it”.
Katy: My rule for reality TV is if I’m going to do it, I have to genuinely learn something new, and I learned so much. I watch it too, so to be actually there was quite surreal. I nicked my apron so I could remind myself that it really happened... and to intimidate my own dinner guests.

Were John and Gregg scary?

H: They were lovely actually and they really encouraged me.
K: They were a bit frightening. They’d wander around as you’re cooking and sometimes creep up on you and stick their fingers in the bowl to taste something. I had to control my instinct to rap them on the back of the hand with a wooden spoon!

Celebrity Masterchef - Picture Shows: (L-R) John Torode, Gregg Wallace
'A bit frightening': John Torode and Gregg Wallace

What are you like in the kitchen?

J: I love being in the kitchen. My mum taught me how to do a roast chicken when I was nine, so I’ve never been afraid in the kitchen.
K: I cook often, but I wouldn’t say I’m brilliant at it. Generally I’m quite cool, although when you’re cooking for more than five people it’s hard not to get a bit uptight. A stiff G&T helps.

What’s your favourite food to cook?

H: I love spicy food, so I like making curries or spicy seafood dishes.
J: I like to do one-pot meals, where you put everything in the oven and cook it slowly over a long time. Then people can help themselves.
K: I recently learned how to make a lovely slow-cooked pork ragout to go with homemade tagliatelle. And I do like to roast a chicken.

What would you cook for a special date?

H: Most men like curries, don’t they? I’ve cooked it for my boyfriend Alex a few times and he eats bowl after bowl.
J: I make a really mean curry with chicken, orange lentils, garlic and leeks.
K: I think you can’t go wrong with a good steak and bottle of red wine. Spend as much money as you can afford on those and all will be well.

Who was your biggest rival on the show?

K: I didn’t really think of them as rivals. At one point I even forgot about the elimination until we were put in the holding pen, awaiting our fate. They were all great, and Janet is genuinely one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met.
J: Yes, she is hysterically funny. I laughed and laughed, and she scared John and Gregg. She’s very competitive. I love her!

Have you had any cooking disasters?

H: On the first challenge show my spinach was a disaster. I’d only half cooked it.
J: When I was on tour with Ronnie, I had a portable stove that I’d cook on. One day I was making toast, eggs and bacon for breakfast and I set off the smoke alarm. He was in a mad flap waving a towel around.
K: I once served a turkey for 10 people at Christmas and what we carved was delicious, but we discovered it was raw underneath.

Do you pour yourself a glass of wine while you’re cooking?

J: If I start drinking while I’m in the kitchen I tend to lose concentration and that’s when I burn things, so I wait until I sit down to eat. Then I can relax.
K: I do! The only question is how many...

What happened to the celebs who won the MasterChef title in previous series?


Since winning, former rugby union star Matt ?has further pursued his love of food, hosting shows including Monster Munchies and Real Family Cook Off.


The TV presenter and Daily Mirror food columnist says winning the show was a turning point as she got into ?food writing and hosted Junior MasterChef.


Atomic Kitten Liz has become a regular on ?food programmes, and even seen her own pasta dish appear on the ?menu at Pizza Hut.


TV and radio presenter Jayne scooped the ?crown after cooking ?at Sir Richard Branson’s fabulous hotel in the Moroccan mountains.


Life really did change for actress Lisa after winning.
Not only is she enjoying a food career hosting C4 show What’s Cooking?, she is also dating ?judge John Torode.


Back in 2003, rugby union star Phil was in the England team that won the World Cup.
Then he won MasterChef which left him “gobsmacked”, saying it was the stuff of dreams.


Actress and presenter Emma rated MasterChef as the hardest thing she’d ever done.
“Baking a cake made me cry and a caramel took me to the point of death,” she says.

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