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Amelle Interview with New Magazine

Sugababes star Amelle Berrabah: 'I fancied Alex Reid'

Sugababe Amelle Berrabah tells new! all about her friendship with Alex Reid, her baby plans and leaving the band

Posted: Tuesday 25 Jan 2011

Above: Sugababe Amelle Berrabah has confessed to fancying Jordan's ex Alex Reid!
Nearly a year has passed since we’ve heard so much as a peep out of the Sugababes.
So when new! was invited to interview Sugababe Amelle Berrabah in a private member’s club in London’s Covent Garden, we couldn’t wait to quiz her on what our favourite pop trio have been up to (as well as discussing Jordan's ex Alex Reid!)

“We’ve been in and out of the studio working on the new album,” the singer explains. But, up until a year ago, there was a lot more going on besides.

In 2009, Amelle achieved solo success with her No.1 single Never Leave You – a collaboration with Tinchy Stryder.

But the shock exit of bandmate Keisha Buchanan later that year, followed by Amelle being treated for nervous exhaustion a month after that, prompted fears for the band’s future.

Fast-forward to 2011, though, and the brunette is glowing with happiness. Here, the 26-year-old singer tells new! all about her relationship with former model Tom Benn, 30, and admits that she used to have a crush on Jordan’s ex…

You and Tom have been together a year now, how are things going?
Really good, thank you.

Is he The One?
For now. No, I’m joking. I definitely think he’s The One. He’s an amazing, funny person. He’s my best friend.

There were stories that he was planning to propose…
Yeah, where the hell did that come from? My brother called me and said, “You’re getting married?” and I was like, “No.” I don’t think he’ll propose any time soon.

Would you have a big wedding?
I love the idea of an evening wedding. I want it to be big but full of faces I know – not wedding crashers.

Would you ask your bandmates Heidi Range and Jade Ewen to be your bridesmaids?
Well, I have sisters, so… Heidi gets asked that a lot about her wedding to Dave Berry. She just says, “No, they’re not [my bridesmaids].” Her sister and Dave’s sister will be her bridesmaids.

It’s also been reported that you would like to become a mum in the next two years. Is this true?
No [laughs]. I definitely want kids but not in the next two years.

How many children would you like?
Two or three.

Last month, there was a story that you and Alex Reid had been cosying up at London club Mahiki’s Christmas party. What was going on there?
[Laughs] He was my kick-boxing instructor for, like, six years. And I’ve known him since I was 11. He just came over to say hi and chat about our hometown, how his mum’s doing and stuff. We were literally catching up.

Do you get on well with Alex?
I used to see him a lot. He’s a lovely bloke – really sweet. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he does make me laugh. I’m proud of him.

Have you ever fancied him?
[Blushes] Oh God, this will be so weird for him to hear this. I did used to fancy him a little bit when I first started the kick-boxing.

Are you surprised that his marriage to Jordan has ended?
Yes, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him moving his stuff back in [to Katie’s].

Have you got any nice single friends that you could hook him up with?
Um, most of my friends are taken now, man, but I might have one in mind…

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