Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cannes Concert for Sugababes

The Sugababes performed in Cannes on the Beach on Tuesday night, with Jade performing her first 60 minute set Successfully

@JadeEwen Tweeted :

JadeEwen: sitting in my hotel room in cannes going over the songs for later... had to learn stronger, in the middle, denial and red dress..

JadeEwen: what a nice song stronger is...

JadeEwen: its just a gig not promoting. and they like us to sing songs that everyone knows like the old hits...

Earlier in the Day @Heidi_range Tweeted

Heidi_range: Just landed in the south of france for tonights gig, lovely sunshine x

Much Earlier in the day Heidi Tweeted

Heidi_range: Just done a Zumba class at Virgin Active, it was so much fun. Shakira eat you your heat out! x

Heidi_range: your heart out not heat! x

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