Friday, 12 March 2010

Sugababes will fold if anyone else quits

Andrei Harmsworth -Sugababes will fold if anyone else quits

The Sugababes have warned fans that their current line-up is the last throw of the dice – their band will not survive any more shake-ups.
Long-standing member Heidi Range has admitted that if current bandmates Jade Ewen or Amelle Berrabah buckle, the group would be dust.

Her comment comes just a week after a legal battle was launched by its founding members to seize the Sugababes name.

‘We’ve said if something happened again we wouldn’t carry on the band with someone else. This is it,’ said 26-year-old Range.

Ewen ousted Keisha Buchanan in a bitter pop coup at the end of last year and now the group faces a legal bid from its first line-up.

It emerged last week that Mutya Buena, Siobhan Donaghy and Buchanan have applied to the European Trademarks Authority to use the name they created in 1998.

And now new recruit Ewen has revealed she has struggled to find her footing amid all the chaos. ‘The loyal fans weren’t so willing to embrace me.'

'People shouted abuse at me in the street. I remember thinking, “Maybe I’ve made a mistake”,’ the 22-year-old told Company magazine.

And, by the sounds of things, a few fresh spats are looming if Berrabah’s public jibes about Range’s figure are anything to go by.

The 25-year-old told the fashion magazine: ‘Heidi’s always on a diet and works out all the time – she almost has to, bless her heart.’

And she kept on digging a hole for herself, adding: ‘I’d never understood that before. When I ballooned, I was like, “Heidi mate, I’m so sorry about complaining about how skinny I was!” But everyone has lumps and bumps. I’ve got cellulite, who cares?’

We’re sure Heidi feels great now, luv!

Read more revelations in the April edition of Company magazine, out tomorrow.

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