Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jade Ewen Interview 11.10.09

New Sugababe Jade Ewen, 21, on why she craves killer curves


HAIR "My hair is naturally extremely curly but I often have it blow-dried, straightened and coloured for photo shoots and videos, which makes it really dry. I use Kérastase Complete Nutrition Shampoo, £10.27, for very dry hair, which stops it from breaking and makes it look shiny and healthy."

FACE "I'm mixed race but quite light skinned so any blemishes are very noticeable. Mac Select Cover-up, £12, is the only make-up I wear on my face. I prefer the natural look most of the time, but when I'm tired this helps me look fresh and awake."

LIPS "I swear by a lovely lip gloss called Lip Cushion by Jelly Pong Pong, £5. It's also great for split ends and moisturising nails and cuticles. I used it on my hair the other day when I ran out of serum. It saves having to carry loads of different products around with me!"

BODY "I'm a size 8 and naturally slim because I have a high metabolism. From around the age of 14 people have been telling me I look skinny and asking if I have eating problems, but I don't. It's made me very conscious of my body. In the past six months I've put on a few pounds - I think that's come with age. I'm really happy about it because I've always wanted to be curvy."

LEGS "My legs are my favourite part of my body. I've danced since I was three and they're toned, quite supple and look good in high heels - they're definitely my best asset. Plus, when I get back from holiday they stay tanned for a long time."

The Sugababes' new album, Sweet Seven, is out Now

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