Saturday, 6 March 2010

Chuterbabes : Amelle parachutes for Cancer Research


IT was a world first for The Red Devils parachute display team yesterday as they made an inaugural "Former SUGABABES Safety Check".
The Army's famous freefall team are meticulous about safety and looking after every daredevil willing to throw themselves out of a plane.

So, with all the scandal surrounding MUTYA BUENA launching a legal bid to stop the latest girl band line-up using the Sugababes name, AMELLE BERRABAH and the Paras were on high alert for a rogue ex-member wielding a pair of scissors.

Luckily, Amelle only had me for company as she bravely completed her first tandem jump attached to a Red Devil instructor.

We leaped from 13,000ft, plummeting at 120mph for 45 seconds before the canopy opened to bring us back down with a bump.

It was five minutes of the ultimate adrenaline rush, then a happy landing with my tandem partner Sgt Jay Webster.

Amelle, who was doing the jump to raise cash for Cancer Research UK, said as we landed: "That was terrifying but amazing. I've been up all night worrying about it. I'm so glad I managed to brave it though."

Amelle lost her old man to cancer a few years ago so it was an emotional day, too.

I have to take my red beret off to the Red Devils for putting us both at ease and giving us an experience we'll never forget.

These lads need £140k a year just to keep the unit flying the flag for the Army around the world.

My dry-cleaning bill for my undercrackers will be about the same.

Find out more about charity jumps staged by the boys based at Netheravon, Wilts, by going to

Pictures: L/Cpl ROSS FOSTER

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