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One last thing... Sugababes Guardian Interview

One last thing... SugababesSo many members, so little time to work out who's new; who can keep up with Sugababes 4.0? Rich Pelley, that's who!
Rich Pelley The Guardian, Saturday 6 March 2010

Sugababes, (l-r) Jade, Amelle, Heidi. Photograph: Samir Hussein/Getty

Hi, Sugababes! If you buy a broom, then you replace the handle, then you replace the brush, is it the same broom?

All: No!

Heidi (1): Cos it's got a different handle and a different head!

Amelle (2): So it's definitely a different broom!

Jade (3): You might change the handle and brush, but it's still a broom! It does the same job!

Good answer. Could the entire problem with the Sugababes be that your three-member dynamic directly conflicts with girls liking to go to the toilet in twos, so one of you is always left out?

Amelle: It's an interesting theory.

Heidi: Amelle tends to go to the toilet by herself.

Amelle: I do.

Heidi: But I tend to need someone to go with. So, you're right; we are leaving someone out!

Your new video is chock-full of computer-generated Sugababe clones. Would a spare clone each be handy?

Amelle: She could do my interviews for me!

Jade: I'd get mine to make me pancakes!

Heidi: Amelle would probably fall out with hers.

Amelle: Why isn't my food on the table, bitch! Mine would leave for sure! Ha!

In many ways you're the most racially diverse girl band ever (4). But are you sexist? Couldn't a bloke join?

Heidi: No!

Amelle: We're the Sugababes! We're a girl band!

Heidi: We wouldn't ask to join a boyband!

Liam Gallagher (5) says he's struggling to name his new band. Would you mind if he called it the Sugablokes?

Jade: Sugaboys is better!

Heidi: I'd be honoured! I really like Liam. I've been out a few times with him and friends. He's a nice fella.

Amelle: I've met Noel (6). He was getting his hair done next to me. I was like, "How you doing, you all right?" I think he was trying to copy my fringe!

How about Lord Alan Sugar (7)? Would people find him less intimidating if he rebranded as SugaAl-Lo?

Amelle: Straight away!

Heidi: Amelle would be good on The Apprentice if it was about cars.

Amelle: Or maths.

Jade: I'll draw the diagrams.

Amelle: Yeah, Jade's really good at drawing!

Heidi: What am I going to do?

Amelle: You can be team leader! You're good at fitting everything into place!

Jade, apparently you learned the wrong album before joining the Sugababes. Whoops! Were you planning to join Arctic Monkeys (8) or something?

Jade: I learned the songs that didn't make the album. I think they were testing me!

Amelle: Gotcha!

Thanks, Sugababes! You played a private party at Simon Cowell's (9) gaff in Barbados last new year. Is the thought of SiCo in a pair of Speedos as frightening as it sounds (10)?

Amelle: He was wearing a tight white figure-hugging top and black trousers. It was at night.

Heidi: I've seen him on the beach before. I was staying in the same hotel. I saw him in shorts but they didn't have a lasting effect on me. So they can't have been that bad. Ha ha!

Sugababes' single Wear My Kiss is out now. Album Sweet 7 is out 15 Mar

1 Blonde hair, joined 2001

2 Wonky hair, joined 2005

3 Brown hair, joined 2009

4 Only two out of six Sugababes have been Caucasian

5 Effeminate hair

6 Thunderbirds hair

7 Remember his 80s perm?

8 Assorted hair

9 Doormat hair

10 Try not to imagine it. Whoops, too late!

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