Thursday, 25 February 2010

As Rare as Sugababes Amelle and Jade

As Rare as Sugababes Amelle and Jade
By Sophie Carter on Thursday, February 25th 2010, 08:00

Jade Ewen replacing Keisha Buchanan doesn’t seem to have affected the Sugababes’s popularity.

Here, the two newest members, Amelle and Jade look great in black and white dresses. With Amelle in white and Jade in black the two manage to look perfect together.

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Amelle and Jade news
Both the girls have had a tough job, coming into a band replacing well known band members. As if that wasn’t hard enough they entered sorrounded by controversy. Despite this the girls have taken it in their stride and the Sugababes seem to be as popular as ever.

Amelle and Jade style
Both girls manage to pull off nearly everything they wear and both love their little dresses, rarely seen in anything below the knee!

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