Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pop Reviews Now - Sugababes Wear My Kiss 4/5

Pop Reviews Now
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The Sugababes - Wear My Kiss

Oh how I miss writing artists and song titles in straight English. lol.

I hated Get Sexy, About A Girl bored me to death and so I wasn't expecting a lot from Wear My Kiss.

I have one thing to say - it took a kpop addiction for me to appreciate how British pop is really at a different level in terms of production and musicality. The two fields are different and their creativity varies but in terms of being MUSICIANS in the pop industry, I still personally think that Britain is waaaay ahead. Hahah. I haven't lost it yet!

Wear My Kiss is one of those songs I would've loved a year and a half ago and to a certain extent I like the hook. The chorus is solid, the vocals are WAY better than most of the stuff I get in Korea (sorry, but it's true.) and the production is more my taste - rich, but crisp.


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