Thursday, 4 July 2013

Great Photos of Amelle behind the scenes of her new video Love Is All We Need

Thanks to Stylist @abshak
for some of the great behind the scene photos. Also thanks to , @Rferdinando for many more.

: looking Hawt on set .. Styled by me for her new single ! Team winning :)

: On set today Amelle wearing NewLove tee from and Choker from

my view right now... Xx

Summer time Realness .. Styling was fun again today .. Paps chasing us and Madge being Madge lol

: And it's a wrap for the day .. Another fun day on set ..

Lights, camera, action

: looking hot!!!

Thanks for beautiful dress by 2nd day for her new music video .. Thanks

: !!!

"That's a Wrap"! At the end of the video shoot for djadamj

me on set rocking wit the beautiful !! Thank U

: It's a wrap ❤😘👊 :)) xxx

Me and at the video shoot last night :) x

Me and frm yesterday's shoot

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