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Exclusive: Jade Ewen: "I don't know a woman who is happy with her body" -

Exclusive: Jade Ewen: "I don't know a woman who is happy with her body"

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Zumba Fitness launch the The Great Calorie Drive in the Colombo Street fitness centre Featuring: Jade Ewen Where: London, United Kingdom When: 24 Apr 2013 Credit: Daniel Deme/
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Sugababe Jade Ewen showed off an impressive washboard stomach last night - but even she has days when she feels self-conscious about her figure.

The singer, who recently took part in the ITV1 diving show Splash!, does like the odd treat and admits she often feels like she could improve her shape.

Speaking to Reveal, she said: "Generally, I've been trying to get more into nutrition and healthy eating.

"But just like all women, I have days all the time where I feel like I want to improve my body.

"I think, 'Urgh, I want to change this, I want to tweak that'. I don't know a woman who is happy with herself."

She adds: "My guilty pleasure food is Indian takeaway. Ahhhh, I love an Indian!"

When appearing on Splash!, Jade had to bare her body in front of thousands while wearing a swimsuit - and she found it tough!

"A few years ago, I would've turned down the chance to do Splash! purely because I couldn't stand the thought of people seeing me in my bikini," Jade said.

"I'm feeling good about myself these days, so didn't mind, but I still felt really vulnerable and exposed."

Tom Daley's celebrity diving show 'Splash!'. Shown on ITV 1 HD Featuring: Jade Ewen When: 07 Jan 2013

She added: "It wasn't so much the diving, it was the fact I had to practically get my arse out on national TV!"

We chatted to Jade at the launch of Zumba Fitness' global charity initiative, The Great Calorie Drive. Olympic gymnast and Strictly Come Dancing winner Louis Smith was also helping to kick start the campaign.

Louis Smith launches The Great Calorie Drive - 24 April 2013

But he admits his fitness training isn't quite what it was this time last year ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

"I'm kept very busy and it doesn't leave a lot of time for working out. I do try to fit it in though - whether it's in the gym or in my bedroom," Louis said.

"My diet has been quite strict pretty much all of my life, but it has been more relaxed lately."

Saying that, you won't catch Louis chowing down on a Big Mac: "I've had one before, but it's not for me. If I'm going to have a takeaway, it'll be a Subway!' he laughed.

To find out more about The Great Calorie Drive, visit:

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