Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Take It From Me, a Wise Old Man

Whenever I see tattoo kits for sale, my interest is piqued. I’m of course an artist, but I’m also a collector of tattoo supplies and tattoo machines. I’m a fan of the art and of the history of the art. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the new stuff, but even the new stuff will be classic someday. So I do often look at what’s coming out on TheLaShop.com.

 I want to make sure to stay on top of the latest technology. I do find it fascinating when there’s stuff there that mirrors exactly some technology from way back in the day. As the art transforms and progresses, it also stays the same. In some ways. I love collecting, I love the people you get to meet while collecting, the stories you get to hear from guys who’ve been doing it for way longer than I’ve even been alive. I hope that someday I get to talk, as an 80 year old, to some young whipper snapper who just started getting into tattooing. I’ll tell him, son, I’ve been tattooing for 65 years, I’ve learned a thing or two. Then I’ll impart upon him my great wisdom, and he’ll hang on my every word. Something about that thick grey beard that gets people to listen to what you’re saying. I think it shows that you’ve spent less time worrying about physical appearance and more time thinking about life and about how best to lead your life and what you want out of it I suppose I should start growing my beard now so it can be down to my waist by then. That’ll really show how wise I am. Just wouldn’t want to start talking about shaving advice, because then no one would listen! And that would be a shame, since I have so much wisdom to impart!

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