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Exclusive: Jade Ewen: 'There's no Sugababes rivalry!'-


Exclusive: Jade Ewen: 'There's no Sugababes rivalry!'

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Jade Ewen says that there is no rivalry between her and the original Sugababes line up.

Original band members Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy have recently rejoined, and Jade, 24, has wished the girls all the best.

Speaking to Reveal at the Flight UK film premiere, Jade said: "I spoke to Keisha last week. I think everyone wants us to hate each other but its not like that."

The UK film premiere of 'Flight' at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square - ArrivalsFeaturing: Jade Ewen
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 17 Jan 2013

She continued: "I've only met Keisha twice but I have no reason to not like her and she doesn't have anything against me.

"It wasn't our beef, so I have no problem with the girls. I just wish them success and they mutually wish us success, too."

A bubbly Jade, fresh from her stint on new TV series Splash! also defended the ITV1 show, which has received poor reviews.

"I think people have got to give it a chance, it's a brand new show so they've got to work through things and perfect things," she said.

"Obviously Strictly and Dancing On Ice have had years to do that and get things right.

"Plus it's entertaining to watch celebrities sh*t themselves!"

Speaking about her Splash! rivals, Jade said: "We were supposed to be in competition but we all bonded. We met up for drinks after the show – everyone got really drunk!

"Jenny [Falconer] was telling everyone how much she loved them and Helen [Lederer] was just happy to be out of the show!

"It's wrong to say, but me and Helen were celebrating the fact we didn't have to dive anymore!"

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