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So This Is What Sugababe Jade Ewen Wore To The Scottish Fashion Awards - MyDaily

So This Is What Sugababe Jade Ewen Wore To The Scottish Fashion Awards...

  • Libby Banks
  • Editor of MyDaily and The Huffington Post Style UK

Who: Jade Ewen, aka The Most Recent Member Of The Sugababes.
What: Truth be told, we'd completely lost track when it comes to the current Sugababe line-up - so we can't blame Jade for trying to get our attention. Depending on how you look at it, the low-cut leather dress was either a cry for help, or exceedingly brave. Either way, it seems the dress did its job because now we know exactly who Jade is.
Bonus info: The Sugababes were originally formed in 1998 - when Jade was 10 years old. Fun fact or what?!
jade ewen
jade ewen

Take a look at the gallery below to see who else attended the fashion event:

Scottish Fashion Awards

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And here's the full list of winners from last night:
Scottish Designer Of The Year - Christopher Kane
Scottish Young Designer of the Year - Hayley Scanlan
Scottish Textile Brand of the Year - Dashing Tweeds
Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year - William Chambers
Scottish Fashion Icon - Karen Gillan
Scottish Communicator of the Year - Faye McLeod
Scottish Model of the Year - Tali Lennox
Scotland's New Face - Kerry O'May
Scottish Fashion Innovator Brian Renni, Creative Managing Director of Basler
Scottish Retailer of the Year Shhh-Oohs (Luxury Shoe Retailer Edinburgh)
Scottish Graduate of the Year - Joanne McGillivary
Fashion Ambassador - Colin McDowell MBE (Author, fashion esteemed fashion journalist and founder of Fashion Fringe).
Scottish Hall of Fame 2012 - Stella Tennant
Scottish Fashion Photographer - Jonathan Daniel Pryce
International Designer of the Year (for use of a Scottish fabric) - Mulberry

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