Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mr.Paparazzi says Jade is showing too much cleavage, what do you think?

Jade Ewen has too much cleavage on show at Scottish Fashion Awards….

Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards Jade-Ewen-has-too-much-cleavage-on-show-at-Scottish-Fashion-Awards
Some might say that there’s no such thing as too much cleavage on show – well, Katie Price and Jodie Marsh have been arguing that for years.
We’d say however that there is such a thing and last night Sugababe Jade Ewen well and truly crossed that line when she arrived at the Scottish Fashion Awards in a low, low, low cut black and blue leather dress.
Luckily the singer avoided any spillages or nip slips which is at least some consolation, or maybe no consolation at all – depending on the way you look at it.
Other stars to attend the fash bash included Alexa Chung and David Gandy.

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