Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Here


Heidi Range wearing nails inc for Pinkie Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Here

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and this year Breast Cancer Campaign are calling on you to not just join in, but take Action. Sitting at the forefront of research into the causes and treatments for breast cancer, we need you to help us turn this month into Breast Cancer Action Month:
  • wear it pink on 26th October – get out those pink feather boas and sparkly cowboy hats! With over £22million raised in ten years, we want this to be the biggest year yet so grab your work colleagues, school friends or flatmates and become pink superheroes for a day.
  • Paint The Town Pink – just wearing it pink not ambitious enough for you? Can’t possibly have too much pink? Cover your whole town with it for Breast Cancer Campaign and see if you can match the Isle of Wight, York and Reading.
  • Don’t worry if you’ve not quite got the time or energy for the entire town though, because you can also join in the Action with just your little pinkie finger. Teaming up with nails inc, we have a huge number of pink pinkies on our pinterest boardalready. Get your bottle, add your photo and tell all your friends why you have a pink pinkie.
  • Although we like to think everyone loves pink as much as we do, there are plenty offundraising challenges which don’t require a pink theme and we’d love you to join one of them. Our fundraising team will be with you the whole way with support and advice to get the most from your walk, trek, skydive or your own event.
Of course, all of this awareness raising has a very important reason behind it – we want everyone to be breast aware. To catch cancer in time. Learn the early signs and symptoms and take time each month to be breast aware. We need everyone talking about this important issue. Telling friends and family and being PART OF THE CURE

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