Thursday, 20 September 2012

Celebs Eyelaser Ops including Amelle's


ABOVE: This Morning host Phillip Schofield has opted for the treatment
British celebs are now jumping on the bandwagon with the likes of This Morning's Phillip Schofield, 50, and Sugababe Amelle Berrabah, 28, opting for the treatment.
19th September 2012

By Tom Hutchison

A SECRET cosmetic surgery boom among top celebrities is "miraculously" changing their lives ... and you'd never know to look at them.

Some of the nation's biggest stars are quietly going under the knife in world famous Harley Street.

But they're straight back to work hours later without any signs of surgery.

And fans are oblivious as they enjoy a dramatic transformation to their health without anyone knowing.
It's laser eye surgery.

And it's becoming so cheap and common that expert medics are now seeing an influx of everyday patients keen to emulate their heroes.

The list of famous names who have gone through the speedy 20-minute procedure is impressive.

Hollywood superstars like actress Nicole Kidman, 45, actor Brad Pitt, 48, golfer Tiger Woods, 36, and Friends star Courtney Cox, 48, have all done it.

And British celebs are now jumping on the bandwagon with the likes of This Morning's Phillip Schofield, 50, and Sugababe Amelle Berrabah, 28, opting for the treatment.

The surgeon who treated "delighted" Amelle is now on a mission to give the whole nation better eyesight.

Chidambara Pillai, medical director of pioneering Harley Street laser eye surgery clinic Advanced VisionCare, reckons the cutting edge surgery can help everyone from the hugely short sighted to the mildly long sighted.

He said: "Laser eye surgery has become more and more desirable over the years.

"It has helped over 22 million patients to gain freedom from glasses and contact lenses since 1994.

"With many patients who come to AVC describing their experience of laser eye treatment as 'life changing', there can be little doubt as to why the procedure is now so popular."

Around 100,000 Brits undergo laser eye treatment every year.

Most are back at work just two days after the operation.

And Mr Pillai treats many of them at his state-of-the-art surgery in the heart of London's medical district.

He uses two lasers. One to cut a small flap of the eye surface open and another to actually zap the inside of the eye to re-shape it so you can focus perfectly.

The treatment is painless and over in 20 minutes.

You can even take along a friend or family member to watch through a unqiue special glass wall as he carefully lasers the flap, lifts it open and then lasers into your eye to correct your vision.

99% of patients are cleared to drive without glasses or contacts within 48 hours of the operation.

Many are soon seeing at better than 20/20 vision.

Mr Pillai said: "For those who have always dealt with sight problems, the feeling of being able to see clearly when they wake up in the morning, or the simple pleasure of diving into a swimming pool and being able to see where you are going seems miraculous.

"We hear many varied motivations from patients for undergoing laser eye surgery.

"But the amazement expressed when the treatment is completed is nearly always the same."

Painless blade-free personalised wavefront lasek eye surgery starts at as little as £1,250 per eye at AVC.

If you're interested in finding out more visit or call freephone 0800 652 4878.

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