Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Latest news and photos of Amelle updated 8.2.12

 Crystal Sheffield
Sugababe will be joining us for a DJ Set tomorrow at Crystal so make sure you get down early! :-D

This is my JAM!!!???

New BFFs? Amelle Berrabah and Kaye Vassell

Girlfriend!!! I didnt know you had a twitter! How ya been mate? Love ya!xxx

Yeah, im gd thanks mate. Me & sis were literaly talking about u the other night saying we missed u!.....

..& was gutted lost ya num. How r the bubs? Btw, ill follow yo ass now! hehe! ill dm u my num. Love ya!xx

 Kaye Vassell
aww send my love to Layla and Lil man :) Defo gota link up babe we got some serious catching up to do Lol..Send ur numba!X

Sugababes’ Amelle Berrabah and Dappy’s baby mother Kaye have tweeted each other excitedly this week about needing a catch up session, with Amelle saying that she missed Kaye.

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