Saturday, 29 January 2011

Norwood: Cast Jade in EastEnders

Ricky Norwood wants his girlfriend Jade Ewen as a co-star
Norwood: Cast Jade in EastEnders
EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood wants his real-life girlfriend Jade Ewen cast as his on-screen love interest - to limit her jealous reactions.
Speaking from the red carpet at the National Television Awards, the actor, who plays Fatboy in the soap, joked that his Sugababe other half would be a perfect addition to Albert Square.
Asked if he wanted her to join the show, he said: "That would be great for me. It would stop the bruises on my arm, let me tell you."
Jade responded: "Every time he kisses someone else, I'm like, 'Why do these writers keep making you kiss other women?' He doesn't warn me either so I have no moment to prepare. I just see it.
"I've got better. Now I just cringe. The first time I was a bit violent but not now."
Ricky left the evening triumphant after walking away from the awards ceremony with the most popular newcomer gong.

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