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November 29, 2011


Now I know, for those of you who love music as much as I do, how dare I not know who the Sugababes are until now! It's Girl Group blasphemy!!

Destiny's Child, En Vogue, Danity Kane, Xscape, Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls...just to name a few, you can put this group in that exact category!

Sugababes actually have quite the legacy in the music industry, having started out in 1998, they've released 25 singles, 6 of which have reached number-one in the UK and 20 have reached the Top 20 in the UK, seven studio albums that have reached Top 40 charts worldwide. That's an amazing record! Now, what makes them so special??? Well look at them, the video above is just a taste of what they're all about. It's simple but catchy pop music, at the same time, they're live performances are actually LIVE!

Like any girl group out there, they've also had their pair of shake ups, with 4 line up changes since 1998, each with keeping it as a consistent trio. It seems that everytime they've had a change in the line up, they get criticized for doing so, the "NEW" girl doesn't sound good singing the former girl's part or they're just not the same, etc. Yet these women are classy and they do what they do best, keep their fan base happy! Let me tell y'all, just like Destiny's Child was here in the U.S., they've managed to continue to put on a smile on their faces and get better and better with every era of the group. I understand die hard fans get used to a certain line up and want the original girls to continue the legacy, just like in some of the girl groups of the past, although, as time has it, changes come up and more than anything, you just can't help what others want to do and/or what they feel. Just like the saying goes, "You gotta do what 'cha gotta do!" So these Sugababes move on and continue to make good music, in my opinion of course.

I've seen the YouTube live performances, the interviews, the videos, past and present, and they have something that unlike any girl group that I've seen has had...consistency...that's what makes them successful. Their voices blend, they're always looking glamorous, they like each other, and if they don't, you never see it or notice it, and they enjoy what they do, it's the perfect formula : )

I'm a big fan of ALL the line-ups, and even the current one. I believe that each girl has brought their very best and has improved the Sugababe name, which is something that's very hard to say in the music industry these days. In my opinion, no one is better than the other, it's been a great evolution for them and has been a wild but successful ride. Some of the former Sugababes have gone on to their successful solo careers, now that's not so bad! They definitely know how to pick themselves back up and make the best out of their talent outside of the group.

To the Sugababes--> You can count one more fan on your roster, keep doing what you do for as long as you can, and a BIG thank you for inspiring people all around the world!!

Busy Little Queen loves the Sugababes!!!
Sugababes 2011
Erik Velasco

Erik Velasco

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