Thursday, 29 December 2011

Amelle's update in photos 25-29.12.11

25.12: Merry Christmas everyone xxx
Listening to . He is truly amazing. That's what u call a real singer\songwriter!!!!
26.12: Right! Think my phone working now! So how the hell is everyone?!
Hahaha!! Yeah, had a really nice day with the fam. How about u?xxx
28.12: Eyebrow threading time!
Can't believe how much Guildford has changed!! Did a nice shop! Bit hectic but all good! Bye Guilford! X
LOL»RT : we all playing Articulate is up Look at face!!
O yes!
Had such a gd eve! Thank u !!!!!!! I love u 2 bitches!x hehe!x
29.12: how's everyone doing 2day?x

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