Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bruno Mars dating Sugababes’ Amelle Berrabah - OMG Yahoo

Bruno Mars dating Sugababes’ Amelle Berrabah? Random celeb couple alert

If we had to put two celebs together, Bruno Mars and Sugababes' Amelle Berrabah is a pairing we would be unlikely to consider - but we've just heard news that the two are rumoured to be dating.

How on earth did they even meet let alone start dating? Well, we don't know (and neither does the source who's exposed the pair) but apparently they've been 'seeing each other' for a month now.

The source told the Daily Star: "She's absolutely smitten with him and keeps saying he's the one. It's getting very serious very fast."

Bruno Mars is rumoured to be dating Amelle from Sugababes / WENN
How serious? How fast? "She has been through a lot and Bruno is really making her feel special again. Who knows what will happen next? None of us would be surprised if they got engaged."
Sorry, what?! We just spat our tea out in shock. Engaged? Nooo, Bruno is not allowed to be engaged to anyone other than us and that is a fact.

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