Sunday, 2 October 2011

Video of Sugababes talking about sport with BattleFront

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Billy and Richard from the Find a Sport You Love campaign interview the Sugababes. They are now big into volleyball and try shooting some baskets.

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Battlefront on T4: Episode 3

Billy, Richard, Pixie Lott and The Sugababes get sporty!

Billy and Richard are bringing their Find The Sport You Love campaign to T4 this weekend (Sunday, 08.50, T4) ... and they've recruited Pixie Lott and Sugababes Amelle, Jade and Heidi to help spread the word. And do push-ups.

Here's a clip of The Sugababes explaining why they're backing Billy and Richard's campaign...

And here's the link to their full interview with Sugababes on the day. Oh, and here's the full interview with Labour leader Ed Miliband...
This week's episode tracks our boys as they rock up to our Super Saturday event on a mission to:
  • Hit 200 Facebook likes.
  • Meet a Paralympian.
  • Smooth talk celebrities into taking part in our game of wheelchair basketball.
  • Convince someone who had never tried sport before to take part in in the team.
Do they succeed? There's only one way to find out...
Watch the show on Sunday, 8.50 am on Channel 4 and then again at 9.50 on Channel 4+1, or you can watch again on 4oD.
Want to help the boys? Follow Billy and Richard on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to their campaign.

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