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Sugababes Return with Stellar New Single "Freedom" (Video) -

Sugababes Return with Stellar New Single "Freedom" (Video)

August 13, 2011 06:55 AM EDT

The Sugababes are back with their new single "Freedom." After the ousting of the only remaining original member (Keisha Buchanan) and disastrously received previous album Sweet 7, the group returned to the drawing board and promised a less "Americanized" sound on their eighth album. If the first single is to be believed, the girls held true to their promise and have delivered a classic Sugababes hit (albeit without a single original Sugababe present).

Their signature quirky yet subtle vocal structure and soulful delivery of pure pop/dance melodies has returned, as has the deeply vague lyrical sensibility. "Freedom" opens with dark Gaga-esque synths, a R&B-style vocal welling over the crescendoing electric pulses. The chorus opens into a fist-pumping chant and ends with their signature descending scale vocals.
Two versions of the music video exist (the original and a "dark" version), and both serve more as atmospheric accompaniment to the track than traditional music videos. The clip finds the Sugababes mingling sensually among scores of clubgoers without drawing attention to themselves individually, echoing the song's, "I wanna be nameless for a little while," lyrics.
Is their "freedom" the existential release of self, surrender to passion, anonymous sex, or a night of dancing in a club? As usual with these girls, the answer could be all of the above. But one thing's for sure, after a hiccup on their last effort, they're back in control of the narrative.

Sugababes - Freedom (Official Music Video) by wonderful-life1989

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