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New Song: Sugababes – ‘Freedom’ (Full Song)

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The latest line-up of the Sugababes assert their ‘Freedom’ on their first original single with new member Jade Ewen.
Due for release on September 19th, the empowering track is also the ladies first offering on new label RCA (Sony Music).
Arguably the group’s last crack at being taken seriously, it begs the question: does the song do what it needs to? The answer awaits after the jump…

While not a patch on some of the Pop classics released under the ‘Sugababes’ moniker, ‘Freedom’ does work on a number of fronts. The first, and perhaps most notable, being that it returns the group to the ‘Britishness’ which has come to be synonymous with their name; a characteristic noticeably absent from their ironically bitter ‘Sweet 7′ project.
Also, in as much as the addition of Jade could prove fatal for the band, she stands head and shoulders above Amelle and Heidi, with soaring adlibs, mobilsed by raw horse-power vocals. Indeed, however this story plays out, it’s vital she gets the recognition she deserves, as there are few this side of the pond in Pop who can do what she does.
The long and short of the matter? ‘Freedom’ is a solid effort. Whether it’ll right the group’s wrongs in the court of public opinion will be interesting to see.
Sugababes' 'Freedom'

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