Monday, 15 August 2011

Loaded 210: out now - Sugababes Get Sexy

loaded 210: out now

Loaded Magazine Digital Magazine
loaded 210: out now
Girls, goals and go on my son! The season starts here
Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a magazine.

loaded 210 is here, and the disgusting wealth of bum tingling content is about to slap itself across your face and hijack your month. And forget about your Agueros to City or Fabregases to Barca, we've just made the signing of the season by getting the Sugababes to ditch the microphones and turn the sexy up to 11, in their first ever men's magazine shoot!

The indestructible band might be in its fourth incarnation, but the girls have never looked so good, and we're sure you'll agree when you see Jade, Amelle and Heidi in the mag. Mutya who?
sugababes loaded 210

Once you've put your tongue firmly back in your head, this month's issue has a mammoth Football Special for you to sink your teeth into. Forget about the hapharzard two page round-ups in other mags, we've got 25 pages dedicated to the beautiful game that we call footie. Among this we've got (deep breath) a Wayne Rooney comic, loaded entering the Swamp Soccer World Cup, a style shoot with Conference conquering AFC Wimbledon, Chris Kamara's unbelivable! guide to the season, a round-up of 20 years of Premier League bastards (we're looking at you Mike Ashley) and a grilling of the official England band.

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