Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pop Music Magic blog - Listen to a 1:30 Preview of the Sugababes’ New Single “Freedom”

Listen to a 1:30 Preview of the Sugababes’ New Single “Freedom”


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ll know that Sugababes 4.0 are getting ready to make a come back with their second eighth studio album this year after 2009′s Sweet 7 failed to meet expectations.
Not only do they have the added pressure of impressing older Babes fans and the harsh media, but they also have a whole load of new competition. With The Saturdays throwing out club bangers and Girls Aloud to reform in the new year, they are going to have to pull out something pretty special if they are to stay in the game. Luckily though, after a good performance on T4 On The Beach, the group have set themselves up nicely.
Now, we have something more to go on than just a live showing of Freedom. An extended preview has surfaced – and I think it sounds really promising!
The one and half minute sneak peak features a dark, moody building beat with eerie chimes as the girls give us a rather seductive vocal. Then, the chorus bursts open with a strong, gorgeous harmony as they sing “So raise your hand/One fist in the air/for freedom-dom-dom-dom/For being alive/Not having a care/for freedom-dom-dom-dom,” over a lightweight almost military beat. I’m so glad they haven’t chosen to go down the generic dance route and I’m living for the production on this one. I cannot wait for the full version.
There is still hope for the band yet!
Freedom will be released September 5th, around the same time as The Saturdays’ All Fired Up. So, let the girl group cat fight begin. meow!
They have nothing to worry about tbqh, this blows anything any girl band has done recently out of the water.

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