Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sugababes So Sweet and Sexy

THE SUGABABES lit up The Sun Studios this week when they swung by for a Biz Session.
I've witnessed the all of the line-up changes over the years.

But this outfit - HEIDI RANGE, AMELLE BERRABAH and JADE EWEN - looks the happiest and sexiest yet one yet as they giggled their way through a brilliant acoustic set.

After wowing with a stripped down version of new track Crash and Burn and a cover of FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE'S Rabbit Heart, the girls agreed Jade's arrival had been a breath of fresh air.

Heidi said: "It's a nice atmosphere. I'm very nervous about the new album but it's fun.

"We're on the same page, there's a fresh energy which is good, positive and very exciting. There are lots of things we want to achieve together as a group."

Amelle added: "It's been fun and exciting."

New girl Jade - who replaced KEISHA BUCHANAN in September - says the new album Sweet 7 - out on March 15 - will gauge whether people have finally accepted her as a Sugababe.

Strong voice ... newcomer Jade
DAVE HOGANShe said: "I'm slightly nervous about what the public think after so many negative comments at the beginnning.

"Sometimes you think: 'I'm sh*t' after getting one bad comment but I make jokes about it now."

Jade added: "The new album will really show whether people have accepted the new Sugababes line up.

"But I feel very welcome and like I've been here forever.

"It's been overwhelming having to learn all the words as there are so many songs. But I'm dealing with one at a time."

Despite the rejuvenated camaraderie, Heidi says the girls won't be bridesmaids at her wedding to TV presenter DAVE BERRY next Easter.

She says: "It's sounds evil but I've always said it will be my sister and my best friend.

"It will be a small, private do but of course the girls will come.

"I better get looking at venues as it will quickly creep up."

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