Keisha Buchanan (Pic: Getty Images)

Keisha Buchanan (Pic: Getty Images)
Former Sugababe KEISHA BUCHANAN is going to be a serious solo star if this week’s performance at The Jacques Townhouse was anything to go by. Keisha showcased her new tracks and played some Sugababes covers and a blistering cover of BEYONCE’s Girls.
She told me she’s heading back into the studio now to finish her debut solo album.
She said: “I was so nervous and was absolutely shaking before I went on. It’s been a year since I picked up a mic so anything could have happened. Now the plan is for me to go back into the studio and finish off the rest of the album.

"There are going to be some exciting collaborations on there. It’s possible one of them could be with JLS or LEONA, you never know.”
Here’s hoping, Keisha.