Monday, 25 July 2011

Amelle's new photo and tweet 24.7.11

Just finished a good swim sesh!! Feeling good people!xxx

After having an afternoon of swimming steaming and spa, Amelle confirms that The Sugababes have been filming alot of Behind The Scenes footage, can't wait to see it !  ~ JEF

JadeEwenFan :

@MessUK @JadeEwen @Amelle_berrabah @Heidi_range Could pave the way for a behind the scenes series...#justsayin ~ bts i keep asking ;-)

Amelle BerrabahAmelle_berrabah :

@JadeEwenFan we've been filming lots my friend! We've been doing it 4 a while. Hehe, soz I keep 4getting 2 reply about that! Lol!x

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