Friday, 3 June 2011

Sugababes premiere new single in Nokia viral ad (Music Week)



Sugababes premiere new single in Nokia viral ad

10:19 | Thursday June 2, 2011

The Sugababes have released their hotly anticipated comeback single Freedom in a viral video for the new Nokia Pink N8 Smartphone.

The newly released advert, which features a brief snippet of the new track, acts as a pop promo with the three singers turned into stop motion animated plastic dolls.

The short film sees the group performing a dance routine complete with a pink laser show, wind machines and the plastic figurines sporting Nokia tattoos.

An accompanying behind the scenes video shows how the various stop motion effects were achieved.

In addition to supplying the video’s music sync the Sugababes will also support the release of the new handset by running a competition on their website to win the Nokia Pink N8.

The group – under a previous line up – has partnered with Nokia before, performing at major New Year’s Eve celebrations and the mobile manufacturer’s Nokia Green Room music TV broadcast.

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