Monday, 13 June 2011

Sneak peak of Behind the Scenes video of Sugababes Freedom photoshoot-Removed by request

Photographer / Stylist Joshy who was working with Lead Photographer @josephsinclair  , Make Up@lanslondon and Lead Stylist @Karl_Willett  has been editing a Behind The Scenes video for Joseph Sinclair , a sneak peak still is below , hopefully we will see the video soon.Usually after the photos are published I should think ~JadeEwenFan

Finally finished editing the behind the scenes video footage of the Sugababes!! Woop :-D

Requested by Joshy to remove image .. sorry guys , hopefully the video will be up soon ! ~JEF

Joshy Oliver LewisJoshYOUaww
  @JadeEwenFan hi sorry please can you take that photo off your blog please...I wasnt supposed to tweet it!

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