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Heidi Interview with Asda Magazine Online

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Heidi Range interview
Asda Magazine Online’s Maxine Clayman speaks exclusively to the longest-standing member
of the Sugababes

How does it feel to be the longest-serving Sugababe?
I’ve been in the band for 10 years now and I’m really proud of that, but I don’t really think it
 matters how long each of us have been part of the group.

What can we expect from the Sugababes this summer?
We’re currently recording our new album and we’re planning to release our first single from it
in the next couple of months. We’re very excited for everyone to hear it. We’ve got lots of gigs
coming up this summer – the dates will be announced on the Sugababes website, so keep your
eyes peeled!

What’s your favourite track from your last album and why?
It’s a ballad called Little Miss Perfect. I love that we all get to sing out on this track and, even
though it wasn’t a single, we like to put it into our set.

You’re also fronting a campaign for the launch of a new wine, Gallo Summer Red.
Are you a bit of wine connoisseur?
I wouldn’t call myself a wine expert. For me, it’s all about trying different wines until you
find one that you like. I really like the new Gallo red wine because you serve it chilled, so it’s nice
and refreshing on a hot day.

And you’ll soon be tying the knot to TV presenter Dave Berry. How do you find time to fit

your wedding plans into your hectic schedule?
We’re not getting married till later in the year, so we’re not in a huge rush right now. We’re
enjoying taking our time and looking at different venues. And I’m buying loads of bridal
magazines for inspiration – I’m running out of room on the coffee table!

Any tips for brides-to-be?
From advice that friends have given me, just make sure your wedding day is about the two of you.
They say you should try to schedule in half an hour on the big day so you and your husband can
be alone to relax and take it all in.

What kind of wedding are you guys planning – are we likely to see it in OK! Magazine?
We want it to be an intimate, low-key affair, with close friends and family. We haven’t decided
where we’re going to get married yet. It might be Liverpool or London, or it could be abroad. If it’s
in England I fancy a winter wedding so I’m not disappointed with the weather.

I hear that designer-to-the-stars Vera Wang is creating your wedding dress?
We did a gig last Christmas, where we met Vera Wang’s daughter. She said Vera would love to
make wedding dresses for the whole band. I wasn’t even engaged then, which was quite funny,
as Dave proposed the next day!

What about your honeymoon plans?
I’d love to have a long honeymoon and visit a few different places rather than just one destination,
so at least three weeks would be great. At the beginning of our relationship, Dave and I went to
New York to celebrate New Year. That’s where we fell in love, so it’s a really special place for us.
We’ve been back a few times since.

You’re not a fan of flying – do you have any other phobias?
I don’t like driving on motorways. I get a bit panicked by everyone driving too fast, so I usually try
 to avoid them.

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