Thursday, 7 April 2011

Amelle's Day of Photos and Tweeting 6.4.11


What a lovely day!!!xxx

I'm just in the gym at the moment the I'm going out 2 enjoy the sun!!xxx


Me when I'd just finished in the


After a shower!! Lol!x

Right, I'm off 2 get my hair did!!xxx

Haha! I jst wanted 2 get out in the sun!! But in the car now on r way 2 salon baby!! Wooo hooo!xxx


In the car baby!!! Wooo hooo!!
Roof off, jessie j on loud, sunshine....Perfect!!

4 all the peeps that are asking where I got the lipstick I'm wearing in the pic, its from Mac and its called Lady Danger. O yeah!x

Selfridges baby!xxx
Ima coming!xxx

Well that was a quick ass shopping sesh! I'm always like that, In and out. Just the way I likey! Got some nice bits.x

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