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Jade Ewen Video Interviews with Headliners UK September 2009

Jade Ewen on young people in the media 

headlinersuk | 22 September 2009 
Hear Jade Ewen talk exclusively to Headliners about the negative portrayal of young people in the media. For the full interview go to

Jade Ewen on Michael Jackson 

headlinersuk | 18 September 2009 
Jade Ewen talks to Headliners about the influence of Michael Jackson in this exclusive clip. See the full interview at

Jade Ewen's Most Embarrassing Moment 

headlinersuk | 18 September 2009 
Watch this exclusive clip of singer Jade Ewen revealing her most embarressing moment to Headliners

From the East End to Eurovision and Beyond

After representing Britain at Eurovision Jade Ewen still has that down to earth quality about her. Headliners spoke with the new Sugababe about her solo single, My Man, and all the gossip behind the scenes.

“Everyone talks about this guy, everyone loves this guy, it’s so funny” Jade laughs and her eyes light up. The man she is talking about isn’t a boyfriend - she’s single at the moment so she can be “focused on music and be a bit selfish” – but the cute guy in the video for her new single My Man.
“It was fun, I got to pick. They had pictures and they were like ‘Which one do you like?’ and I went, ‘I want THAT one!’”
Picking out hot men for videos is a bit of a new thing for Jade, who still lives with her family in East London. Right from the beginning she had a lot on her plate. Both her mother and father have sight problems, so in her teens she became a young carer for her parents and her younger brother and sister. How does she cope with pressure of looking after her family whilst pursuing pop success?
“The good thing about my siblings is we’re all really close and obviously they’ve grown up looking after my parents as well so it doesn’t feel like so much of a massive responsibility for them now they’re having to do more.”
Despite the pressures of caring for her family Jade won a scholarship to the Sylvia Young Theatre School, one of the country’s best stage schools. In 2005 Jade became a member of the group Trinity Stone, and got to work with Ne-Yo on the track Real Love. Although they had some success they were dropped from Sony in 2007 without releasing their debut album. Jade explains that after that things were uncertain for her.
“The record deal didn’t work out and I was like ‘what am i gonna do now?’ I didn’t do any A-Levels or anything, I’ve never had a normal job, I had to try sign on which is not cool. Everything was really frustrating”.
When she found out about the Your Country Needs You competition she entered hoping that someone would hear her sing and give her a record deal, but she didn’t expect to win and represent Great Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Overall Jade Ewen is intensely motivated, but still has a great sense of humour and is a very down to earth person – she’s a massive Big Brother fan and she wanted Rodrigo to win. She also still cares about her local area, East London.
“The good thing I think at the moment in East London is the Olympics. They’re really trying to focus on encouraging children to have more involvement in sports and athletics. I think that’s brought a positive energy to the area.”
We’re sure Jade Ewen is one to watch for the future and we give her our best wishes for her career.

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