Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Listen: New Keisha Buchanan leak ‘Under Control’

Couldn't decide whether I should add Ex-Sugababes music here or not, as this blog was started after Keisha left, but as this is current music and its my blog I decided it was OK :-) ~ JadeEwenFan


Listen: New Keisha Buchanan leak ‘Under Control’

It’s been well over a year since Keisha Buchanan was booted out of Sugababes, and while she probably had a good laugh over her former bandmates’ ‘Sweet 7′ campaign, at this rate we’re starting to worry that their next album might see the light of day before her solo effort does.
A track entitled ‘Fearless‘ surfaced last summer, but since then it’s been very quiet on the Keisha front – until poptastic new track ‘Under Control’ appeared online, that is.
Check it out below and see what you think…


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